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Manage your Dental Anxiety and Fears

Are you looking for the best dental care specifically designed for the anxious dental patients in Glasgow or the entire UK? Would you like to find a dentist who has a lot of experience treating anxious and phobic dental patients? A dentist who would be dedicated to his career and making your dental appointments as easy as possible? You have come to the right place because the Berkeley Clinic care team and the award winning dentist Dr Mike Gow can offer you all of that. You can read about a successful dental treatment by Dr Mike Gow if you click here.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Did you know that the Berkeley Clinic is one of the most technologically advanced dental centres in the country? The clinic has been awarded for the 'Best Treatment of Nervous Patients' at two prestigious dentistry award ceremonies including the Private Dentistry and Dentistry Scotland Awards, 2013. As a patient at the clinic your can rest assured that you will be taken care of in the best way possible. We provide personalised treatment plans specifically designed to meet your dental needs. Our care team takes time to understand your individual requirements and works at the pace you feel comfortable with. The Berkeley Clinic has invested in the most recent dental equipment to make your dental appointments as easy as possible. The clinic has won over 17 leading industry awards including Best Practice UK 2013. 


The Berkeley Clinic is a cosmetic dentistry centre for Cerec Excellence in Scotland. Cerec 3D system puts dental visits at ease by reducing your waiting times to one visit. You won’t have to wait to see your dentist for weeks because Cerec allows most treatments to be done in one day. You can read about the anxious patient having CEREC if you click here


DigiJect is an innovative computer controlled system that makes injections painless. With a new DigiJect system injections should get a completely different title because it feels nothing like it, or in fact like nothing at all. DigiJect maximises your comfort during your dental visit and allows you to relax.

The ‘Wand’- Single Tooth Anaesthesia (STA)

The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled by a computer. This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady. This ensures maximum patient comfort and optimal local anaesthesia. The cartridge holder, tube and wand hand piece are all single-use.


b-Calm® is a personal audio system specially designed to relieve you from uncomfortable noises at the dental practice as well as promote a calm and relaxed mind. Dr Mike Gow is one of the first dentists in the UK to introduce this technology. The blend of white noise and nature sounds which the manufacturer refers to as ‘audio sedation’ helps cover the offending sounds of a dental drill, ultrasonic scaler or suction. The b-Calm® helps address some of the control issues many anxious patients have.  If this sounds like you then with b-Calm® system you can feel at ease…as the sounds of the dental practice will never bother you again.

Dental Button

The Berkeley Clinic was the first practice in Scotland to introduce the ‘The Dental Button’. The Dental Button system puts the ability to safely and remotely stop the dental drill in the hands of a patient, giving the patient a sense of control, instantly reducing fear and anxiety. Where previously hands would have been raised in anticipation of pain, patients report being comforted with the security The Dental Button System provides and hence rarely choose to halt the procedure. You can read about Dr Mike Gow and the introduction of the Dental Button if you click here.

The Dental Button System has proven to reduce patient anxiety between 50-80% and also increase Dentist productivity by up to 30% with less interrupted procedures and also fewer last minute cancellations through anxiety.

At the Berkeley Clinic you can feel safe and at ease. Our clinical team will help you to tackle your dental fears and phobias with the newest technology and the award winning techniques developed by Dr Mike Gow. You can read some of the success stories here.

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